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                          Ohio Cryptids

There are several cryptids in Ohio and I will try to list them all here as I find them or learn about them. If you know about any please contact me and let me know. Cryptids, legends, stories, all of it I will greatly appreciate.


Ah yes you can't really have a cryptid page without the elusive Bigfoot.

Bigfoot or Sasquatch is alleged to be an ape-like creature inhabiting remote forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Canada. Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal ape. More sightings and evidence are reported for Bigfoot then any other cryptid. Most of the evidence is foot prints and individual sightings. Some even claim to capture the creature's voice on a recorder.

Bigfoot has been reported and seen in too many places in Ohio to list. Partically every county in Ohio has had at least one Bigfoot sighting.

Cedar Bog which is in my haunted places section is suppose to be home to some big beast. I am putting it under Bigfoot because that is what most people claim it to be.

Few people know about the Wildman of Enon which I put under it's own category further down the list is often called Bigfoot and is pretty much only a local name.

It is reported that there are Bigfoot sightings all up and down the Mad River. Bigfoot investigators and researchers have a theory that Bigfoot travels up and down the Mad River obviously using it as a source for water and food.


Grassman, also known as the Ohio Grassman and Kenmore Grassman, is an alleged bipedal, ape-like creature reportedly seen in the state of Ohio, primarily around Kenmore, Akron, Ohio.  It was first sighted in Gallia County Ohio in 1869.

No pic at least not yet but basically the same as bigfoot but most discriptions from sightings say the Grassman has longer hair or fur.

Most accounts of Grassman describe it to be between 7-8 feet tall, with black or brown hair, a muscular build, broad shoulders, and large hands and feet. Some think that the Grassman might be the same creature as Bigfoot. Others suggest Grassman is something entirely different.

Loveland Frog

The Loveland Frog was actually in the newspaper not too long ago. Ohio residents like me have probably heard of it or read about it. The Loveland Frog is one of my favorites I'm not sure why maybe just because it's different.

The Loveland frog (otherwise known as the Loveland Lizard) is said to be a human-like creature with the face of a frog and is described as standing roughly 4 feet tall with green leathery skin. It walks upright and has webbed hands and feet, and was allegedly first spotted in Loveland, Ohio. 1955

The first claimed sighting was in May 1955. A businessman is said to have seen three or four 3 foot tall frog faced creatures squatting under a bridge near Loveland. They were described as having wrinkles instead of hair on their heads, lopsided chests, and wide mouths without lips, like frogs. One of them is said to have held up a bar device that shed sparks. A strong odor of alfalfa and almonds was reportedly left behind.

For approximately twenty years, there were no further reported sightings of the Loveland Frog. On March 3rd 1972, police are said to have seen a four foot tall frog faced human-like creature with leathery skin, again near Loveland. It jumped over a rail and into the Little Miami River. Two weeks later, the officers saw it again, lying in the road. It got away as the officer shot at it and apparently missed.

The officer's description allegedly was as follows:

The creature was three to four feet tall, 50 to 75 pounds, leathery skin, possibly wet - matted hair on its body that made it look textured, possible tail, a head and face like a frog or lizard, and could leap over the roads' guard rail.

A local farmer is also said to have seen the Loveland frog later that month.

Although the officers in question did not report their encounter, word of it leaked to the news media.

Security personnel in a motel in the Dominican Republic are said to have seen a similar creature in September 1998. They said it was about five feet long and three feet wide.

There are a few scattered reports and sightings of something similar to the Loveland Frog in and along the Ohio River

One woman claimed to have been swimming in the Ohio River when something grabbed her from underneath the water. She struggled and managed to escape by climbing into an inflatable innertube. When she made it to sure she had what appeared to be green hand type prints on her legs.

The Shawnee indians who used to live near the Loveland area, told of a creature who they often sighted during hunting. Once they shot arrows at it, but the creature was unharmed by them, it simply looked at the indians then dove into the river. The indians said it was a supernatural being called a 'Shawnahooc' which means 'demon of the river'.


Everybody by now has probably heard of Mothman. You know whats funny Mothman is one of the first things I read about as a little kid. Again one of my favorites.

The Mothman is the name given to a creaturereported in Charleston and Point Pleasant areas of West Virginia between November 12th, 1922 (near Clendenin), and December 1967. Most observers describe the Mothman as a winged man-sized creature with large reflective red eyes and large moth-like wings. The creature often appeared to have no head, with its eyes set into its chest. A number of theories have been presented to explain eyewitness accounts, ranging from misidentification and coincidence, to paranormal phenomena.

Mothman has been seen numerous times around the Ohio area said to show up before a disaster strikes or perhaps causes a disaster to strike when it shows up.

The Mothman showed up right before the collapse of the Silver Bridge which connected Point Pleasantm, West Virginia and Kanauga, Ohio over the Ohio River. I believe just about everyone in Ohio has heard of the collapse of the bridge and the appearances of Mothman.

Mothman has been spotted numerous times looking through windows. Talk about a peeping tom.

Mothman has also been spotted numerous times flying above you when your driving on the road usually state routes. Witnesses say it soars directly overhead the roof of the car.

Wildman Of Enon

Few people know about the Wildman of Enon.

Enon, Ohio is a little place in Clark County. Actually very close to where I live right now and I didn't know about this cryptid until not to long ago.

The Wildman of Enon sightings are basically the same as Bigfoot but because people in the area have named it I'm putting it in it's own category. This cryptid is located only around Enon. Most of the sightings and legends of the Wildman of Enon are passed down by word of mouth. This is another case that had sightings not too long ago. Not very many people know about it.

There are several Bigfoot sightings in and around Enon, Ohio the cases are pretty much the same as those contributed to the Wildman.

The Wildman like the Grassman is numerously reported as having longer hair.

ABC'S (Alien Big Cats)

Experts call big cats seen out of their natural habitat ABC's or alien big cats. The world alien of course not meaning out of this world or ufo. ABC's are seen all over the world and some are have been spotted in Ohio.

In March 1997 in Allen County, something attacked Elmer Nesbaum's penned sheep. When he went to the pen, built on a concrete slab, he saw only a few, colored red, were standing. The rest were lying down, bathed in blood. Nesbaum called the vet who did what he could to save those who might survive. The killer clawed and bit the sheep with fangs, bud did not eat them.

The farmer reinforced the pen. He installed heavy gates at the entrance and chain link fencing covered with chicken wire along the top. He also set up sex traps in front of the gate. The mysterious killer set off the traps and claed the gates apart.

William Reeder, dog warden and human society director, was sent in to investigate.

In April, Reeder investigated the next incident. Sherwood Burkholder found forty of his sheep dead, killed by an unknown animal. The next day, he lost seventeen. Casts were taken from the paw prints and identified to be feline.

Many credible people began reporting sightings. The first were in April. Maria Henderson saw what she thought was a dog, then realized it was a large black and grey cat. Bob Cross observed a large black cat for ten minutes.

In May a deputy saw glimmering cat's eyes in the beam of his spotlight. When he got out he also found some tracks. Lou Abial saw some feline tracks while returning to his house from his barn that weren't there before. Apparantly, the cat leapt from the hayloft and walked away.

Barbara Price saw a large black and grey cat that left tracks. Fang marks were found on a German Shepherd's neck. The sheep killings continued and expanded to peacocks, domestic ducks, and dogs. Then two more people saw a large dark colored cat. A veterinarian examined the animal's droppings and found they were characteristic of cat scat.

Reeder and a deputy joined two Lafayette police officers who had the cat in sight. They held it in the spotlight beams, circling toward it. The cat began to walk toward them, docilely, but when it was within range of the tranquilizer guns, it sped into the woods leaving the familiar tracks.

There are many ways to possibly explain ABC's. They could be a simple case of mistaken identity. Possibly they are animals that escaped from a zoo, or circus, or even an exotic pet.


 Bessie, or South Bay Bessie as a lot of local people call it, is an aquatic cryptid said to live in Lake Erie. It has allegedly been seen since 1817. I have read that the best place to catch a glimpse of this creature is along the shoreline of Ohio in the southern portion of the lake and is seen by both land and boat equally.

Some sightings include:

1960 - Ken Golic was fishing off a pier in Sandusky when he heard two rats. He decided to throw a couple of rocks at them when he saw the creature. He stated that it was cigar-shaped and came out of the water about 1-1 1/2 feet. It was about 11:00 PM on a clear, calm night.

1969 - Jim Schindler stated that a ser- pent came within 6 feet of him near South Bass Island. Although he did not see the length, the width was about 2 feet. The animal appeared to be about 1 foot under the water.

9/1981 - Theresa Kovach of Akron saw a snake-like reptile that "was so large that could easily capsized a boat. It seemed to be playing." She watched it from a house on the Cedar Point Cause- way.

1983 (app.) - Mary M. Landoll told John Schaffner about her encounter with Bessie off Rye Beach in Huron. Mary went out to the front porch just before dawn when the lake was quite placid. From the left end, she heard a rowing sound and saw what looked like a capsized boat. It was a greenish-brown color about 40-50 feet in length. Landoll realized that it wasn't a boat, but an animal of some sort. It had a long neck and an eye was visible on the side of the head with a grin going up one side The creature appeared to be playing in the water, but still put a scare into the witness.

Summer, 1985 - Tony Schill of Avon, Ohio was boating with friends north of Ver- milion when they reported the serpent. It was dark brown and had a flat tail. Tony stated that "5 humps came out of the wa- ter. No way it was a sturgeon."

Dale Munro, of Lorain was also boating when he came face-to-face with it. He stated that it had 3 humps and was black. He also reported that it was twice the size of his 16 foot boat. The location was in calm waters just off the Lorain Coast Guard Station and his sighting lasted 3-4 minutes.

May or June, 1989 - Gail Kasner obtains a graph from a boat owned by Ken Smith, of Streetsboro. The fishfinder appears to show a sonar reading of a cigar-shape apparition about 35 feet in length at a depth of about 30 feet.

July 8, 1990 - Susan seeson, of Salem witnessed the creature 2 miles from Cedar Point. Her description basically matched other reports.

September 3, 1990 - Bob Soracco was jet skiing off Port Clinton when he thought he spotted a porpoise. (Porpoise in fresh water? Oh well, Bob had just moved from Florida.) He told reporters that he saw humps with grey spots. "It was very long as I moved closer and it was going down.

September 4, 1990 - Harold Bricker and his family were fishing north of Cedar Point Amusement Park when a serpent type creature swam by their boat about 1000 feet away Their description- 35 feet long with a snake-like head. It moved as fast as their boat. Later, the Bricker's reported their sighting to the ODNR rang- ers at East Harbor State Park.

September 11, 1990 - Fire inspectors, Jim Johnson and Steve Dircks, of Huron saw the creature from a third story window facing Lake Erie. They decribed it as dark blue or black at about 30-45 feet long. He further stated that he saw three parts of the creature above water. "It laid there motionless for three to six minutes and was flat on top."

Week of September 16 1991 - Dennis Szececinski, of Toledo saw Bessie near Toledo's water intake structure three miles offshore in Maumee Bay. He was fishing in the bay when something long and black slithered in front of him.